Job Description Sept 2020

Outreach Worker for Gay and Grey Montreal

The mission of Gay and Grey Montreal is to offer social support for LGBTQ+ English-speaking Quebec seniors, to provide them with information about resources and tools necessary to reduce social isolation, and to function fully in Quebec society. The organization promotes equal opportunity in employment and encourages candidates from the LGBTQ+ community, who are self-motivated, multidisciplinary, functionally bilingual and above all, personable. They will have to interact with a broad range of people and organizations both within and beyond Gay and Grey. They will be expected to assist in creating strategies to attract new members. Target populations for new members are LGBTQ+ cultural communities, with special emphasis on the lesbian and trans community.

Job Requirements

This is a contract position where the candidate will be working approximately 14 hours/week on a flexible schedule. The position requires a person with previous experience in most of the following areas or skills:

• Social work and outreach
• Social activism ie: LGBTQ+ issues
• Organizational consulting
• Interaction with the elderly
• English and French written and spoken,
• Mental health awareness
• Elder abuse prevention
• Teamwork
• Conference coordination
• Social media savvy – especially Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter
• Knowledge of WordPress – or maintaining a website
• Works well independently

Tasks to be performed:

• Increasing overall membership through targeted outreach and communication strategies
• Increasing diversity by promoting membership to LGBTQ+ cultural communities
• Increasing lesbian and transgender membership
• Organizing a community conference for LGBTQ+ caregivers
• Organizing inter-generational LGBTQ+ activities
• Maintaining a website and social media presence
• Organizing promotional activities at local community events
• Conducting targeted research, outreach, and discussions with lesbian and transgender seniors

The outreach worker is responsible for promoting Gay and Grey Montreal to English-speaking LGBTQ+ persons aged 50 and over, in and around Montreal. The objective is to at least double our current membership. We wish to markedly increase the participation in our group with members of the LGBTQ+ cultural communities, lesbian, trans and 2-spirited persons. To accomplish this the candidate will maintain and update our social media presence and our website. They will participate in developing public relations materials and events. They will attend various seniors’ events to promote the organization. They will create events where LGBTQ+ youth and seniors may interact to promote inter-generational understanding. They will assist in organizing a conference to help educate health/care workers on the issues facing LGBTQ+ persons in care.

Remuneration and job conditions:

Contract Sept 1, 2020 to Aug 31 2021
Candidate will work from home must have access to computer / laptop WIFI
Salary – 12-month consultant contract – 13K$, payable in monthly installments.

The new resource person will submit a monthly report of their activities to the Board, as well as an annual report.
Candidate will be supervised by a member of the Board of Directors

Deadline for applications August 14th 2020