Gay and Grey Montreal Code of Conduct

1. Gay and Grey Montreal supports an individual’s right to express their chosen identity and experience. This includes respecting and using an individual’s chosen name, pronoun (e.g. he, she, they, etc.) and identities (e.g. lesbian, gay, bisexual,
asexual, transgender, queer, etc.). Behavior or language that infringes upon this right is prohibited.

2. Gay and Grey Montreal is committed to providing an environment free from discrimination and sexual harassment. Sexual harassment is defined as any unwelcome or unwanted sexual advance, request for sexual favors, or other verbal
or physical conduct of a sexual nature. Staff, consultants and participants should not be subjected to sexual harassment. If a report of sexual harassment is received, the person accused of the harassment will be subject to immediate suspension pending an investigation involving all parties and witnesses. Reports of
harassment should be reported immediately to .

3. Behavior, presentation, and actions which create an unsafe environment (e.g., not responding to direction by staff, verbally or physically aggressive behavior) are not allowed. This includes communication on Gay and Grey Montreal social media platforms, as per Gay and Grey Montreal policy.

4. Actions, behavior, and language that is or may be construed as abusive, threatening, harassing and/or insulting is not allowed.

5. Soliciting money or gambling is not permitted.